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You are in the right place when looking for the quickest way to find and keep Good Health, Happiness, Love, Peace, Positive Energy and a whole lot more...

My name is Margaret M. Gegenheimer, I am a certified Holistic Health Consultant, researcher, author, teacher, forgiveness coach, interfaith spiritual coach and alchemist.

My ministries involve caring for people and helping you to grow in spirit, find balance and wellness in your body and raise your awareness to the importance of caring for your planet.

My full bio is available in the navigational bar to the right.


Alcohol Allergy Awareness

Recovery Meetings

Education Dissemination

Be one of the many able to go day to day without

the desire to consume alcohol.

Diet, herbs and supplements set you free in one day for most. Click here to enter.

Before you leave this site visit my new product line called Holy Cow Hair and Body Care.

Offering Hair Growth Assistance through a clean scalp and Topical Pain Relief within about 11 seconds, using a Magical Touch from Mother Nature!

Click on the image below to enter that site.

The following are special and very affective blends I make for you in my Energy Alchemy TM Line

They work with the science of quantum physics, which states you attract more of what you are or resonate.

A few examples:

  • The happier you are the more happiness you attract
  • The more loving you are the more love you attract
  • The more peaceful you are the more peace you attract

The following explains how the products work for you.

Everything on Earth has it's own song coded right in it's DNA and it plays all of the time.

Every flower has a different beat and melody. Some sound like classical music while others sound like rhythm and blues, easy listening or church music.

Click on this rose to hear what the smell of it sounds like!

Experience the fascinating science behind how bio-chemists can now break down the DNA of flowers so you can hear what their smell sounds like.

Science and nature meet to work for you in this very special essential oil blend line.

Flowers carry the songs of Happiness, Love and Positive Energy.

They will start to resonate for you and on you the moment their scents are applied to your body.

The universe will immediately begin to draw to you more of the flower music you have applied to your body and what you most desire.

Read on to see just how they will work for you.

These special blends are just like wearing little musicians who are playing wonderful songs for your soul. The music is present in the flowers that grow in Mother Nature's Garden.


Dream Time



I share a lot of additional educational information on Facebook

Try a little symphony for your soul and watch how nicely your life experiences will respond.

Yes! When life is going well your mood will lift and you will smile more.

Everything is better when you are happy!

Everybody wants Love, Harmony, Happiness a Positive Outlook along with a Little Bit of Luck in their life.

They are

Life’s Essential Essences and we are able to bring them to you through the power of music present in flowers in our nutrient enriched cream.

Bio-Chemists have discovered that every flower has its own signature song to it. By using a special process they have been able to unveil the music flowers play for us.

You cannot hear the music with your ears, but your energy body can and it will resonate to their music.

All musical notes also have a color they resonate to in the light spectrum.

This is why your energy field may change color after applying a flower essence. Think of it as mood lighting and music to lift you up and make you feel more sociable, or make you feel more peaceful and loving.

The logo image above is an example of this.

It is my energy field moments after applying the

Harmonic Blend Essence.

Notice that the energy field is full, golden and balanced.

This happened because my energy field was instantly flooded with a rich, harmonic sound from the music in the flower essences.

To explain how the essences work, flowers are just like little musical artists. They play songs of love, peace and happiness or they will put you in a positive upbeat mood.

Since like will always attract like as proven through physics, the type of song you choose to wear will be the song you become. Making you a magnet for what you want more of.

As an example, while you are wearing the song of Love you will be drawn to loving people and circumstances.

Notice all the before and after photos show an increase in color, vibrancy and fullness in the auras. This all happens within moments of applying any of the Life’s Essential Essences products.

You will love the soothing richness of the cream and the enchanting scents that will uplift your spirit.

The amazing little musicians from Mother Nature’s Garden are awaiting to serenade your soul and enrich your life.

Take home your hearts desire, apply the magic, allow the music to play, fullfill your soul and enhance your life today!

Use with confidence and enjoy.

Call to order 973-714-4204

Every order is made fresh and hand blended.

Now that you understand why the essential oils work.

I have energy reading equipment to read your body's energy and I can show you what music your DNA plays.

I use this as a tool to educate the public on energy frequencies and how they affect your energy body.

Click the link below to see what you can learn about yourself through an energy reading of your own and how to bring it into balance if you need to.

My research background can be read by clicking the image below.

Take a moment to see how your aura energy improves after applying my essential oil blends by clicking the photo below.

Drop into the class room to hear what other flowers sound like.

See the science on how positive thoughts and words improve your over all well being, on an energy body level.

Click flower image to enter classroom.

All of my products have in them what in the past were known as therapeutic grade essential oils..which means they are pure enough to be ingested.

Though all of my products are for topical application only.

I also use a nutrient enriched cream base.

Thank you for your interest,

Margaret Mary Gegenheimer

founder FDE, LLC

Click on the newspaper article below to enter my testimonial page.

The images below are just a handful taken from my educational series, which will be used while teaching the science behind, light, sound, emotion and thoughts on the universal body of life which you are part of. 

To learn more about this talk click the beaver

Most importantly you will see why my products will bring blessings of positive change into your life.

Call to order 973-714-4204

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