Feeling Divine Enterprises, LLC - ABOUT THE FOUNDER
Feeling Divine Enterprises, LLC -
About Feeling Divine Enterprises
and the founder


Hi, I am Margaret M. Gegenheimer the founder of FDE, LLC
For the past 25 years I have studied health, nutrition and the healing power of herbs and plants.
In the process I also became familiar with the science behind how sound, light, emotions and thoughts affect all creatures and plant life.

If you want to know more about my science and research background please click on the image to bring you to my research and business bio.

I am very excited about educating anyone who wants to learn more about these fascinating sciences from top researchers and universities.
These are the sciences I apply to my essential oil product line
Visit my classroom on this site to learn why my products work to bring you what you want into your life. 

I originally developed a wonderful natural product for my family and friends to balance their energy and bring it into alignment.

Funny thing is we found that when you apply this frequency via the special cream to your body it may very well clear up many skin disorders and take  pain and itch away within moments.

Then we discovered that
this may also offers long lasting relief 
for muscle pain and arthritic conditions.  I have to smile as I write this because it does sound like snake oil.
A topical application that may take your  pain away within seconds of application.

The only way to know if it may work for you too is to give it a try!

Contact me at 973-714-4204

Please click the image above and you will find additional information
about the these products.

 I have also designed an essential oil, body care line that will enhance your life experiences.
They are designed to bring joy into your life and comfort your soul.
I call them…….Life's Essential Essences and they are part of my
Energy Alchemy TM Line

They do go hand in hand with a special presentations on the Power of Your Thoughts and the Words You Speak and how they affect your physical body and the life you live.

The Simple Steps To Greatness
It all begins in your mind
click on the beaver to learn more.

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