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Before and After Aura Photos

using a camera that can capture your energy body in color

At the bottom of the page is the chart that explains the change in energy color on the aura.

The first image below on the left is of me with my Harmonic Blend on.

My energy is complete and my energy centers balanced.

A few moments later I applied True Love

Note in the images that the balls of light in the photos become more equal in size. As a rule this is good because it means the energy is more balanced. Also note the increase in the energy fields.

The intention I used when making True Love was to bring the person wearing it more loving people and loving opportunities into their life.

Then bottom two energy centers show that I am more receptive to love and joy. Though a bit out of balance it does show the energy body sending out a signal to love and be loved. This energy is not just a signal for sex, it is for loving people in general. The second dot down from the top is the third eye, where your intuition lives. There is an increase here also showing that you will be more receptive to truly loving people and notice them when they are with in your energy field range. Notice the blue that represents being loving, the yellow at the bottom of the feet showing that I was in a lighter,more easy going and more playful mood while being optimistic. There is a bit of green and yellow green showing I that I was in a more communicative state. The Harmonic Blend is really perfection in energy..but when you need to call more love into your live True Love is apparently the way to go (o;

Below Christina with Positive Energy on. The color change shows she is more peaceful, tranquil, compassionate and the immune system in the energy field is enhanced.You attract more of what you are in life and you can get more positive than this (o;

Below is Cynthia with Dreamy on.

Notice that her field is larger and her energy centers balanced. Her heart is glowing and at peace and the third eye is more open. The third eye is where dream time resides showing that she was more at peace and ready to rest and dream.

BelowJune with Protection on

Protection is just amazing! Read the description below for gold.

Below Anita with Luck on.

Notice she is more balance and green. Green represents that you are more in tune with nature and animals. When you are in this state you are already experiencing abundance in your life, and the more you experience it the more abundance will be attracted to you.

That is luck! Good Luck!

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