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Good Day Class

Welcome to Science-Nature and You     101

If you entered this page from the Simple Steps to Greatness

website you may return there by clicking on the orange daisy below when you are finished here.

This class will meet the needs for those who want to learn in a quick visual fashion with a few

words to gather the concepts. In addition I will also supply the in depth intellectual resources

for those who want to read it for themselves. Come back daily I will be adding information each day.


We will start with the music of flowers discovered through science.

Click on the rose to hear how scientists have decoded the DNA of this rose and turned it into music

for you to hear what smells like.

More scientists doing the same:

Dr. Linda Long, English biochemist presents floral protein frequencies turned into the music of the flowers and the human body. music of flowers here music of human elements

You will love this experiment allowing us to hear the music of plants.

Listen how lovely now click here:

Experience what is was like to be in the Sacret Forests in Damanhur and listen to the singing plants.

It will change your perception on life.

The overview is that science can now break down the vibrational frequencies

of all elements and turn them into their musical self. I will find the chart where they have broken

down the whole elemental chart from chemistry.

A special door opens in your mind when you hear these sounds and how lovely they are. ie.. copper, cold, calcium etc...

What I want you to take from this is....when you smell a flower it's scent is nice but the music of it affects you also. It's music is also an energy and light wave length and so is the music of your energy body. When the two meet a positive reaction can occur. If you like the smell the smell likes you and v/s.

Dr. Bach in the 1930's developed Bach flower remedies way before the science existed to hear

the music of flowers. More info in link below.

Somehow Bach knew which flowers would assist you in what way. Today they are able to present

to you the music of their flower remedy line. Listen to the samples in the following link to hear the music of more flowers. This is not my site I am leading you to but they do allow you to listen to samples. I like hornbeam best.


 The following data is about experiments done growing plants while playing

music to them. Soft or classical music made them thrive and face the sun, while hard rock music made them grow weak and feeble. They also speak of the

proteins in the cells of the plants and how they interact with sound and the

wave length frequencies in sound. The correlation you can gather from this

reading is plants respond well to peace and harmony. What you will discover

as this class continues is...plants are just like people with out skin.

Therefore what applies to them applies to us.

One of the best books ever written was

The Secret Life of Plants which delves into this further.

Dr. Emoto 12-20-2012

The human is made of 80% water. Water keeps memories and holds the intentions of thought, spoken words or music. Our words and thoughts are energy. We either positively or negatively affect all we interact with our thought and intentions. My products hold the intention I set on them for you and

they are boosted by the energy and music of flowers I use for you. I will have more on this topic for

you in the future.

Discovery Channel Water has memory very interesting and how this affects you.

and more information on the memory of water

Research from Russia

In short the human DNA or all DNA can be re coded for positive outcomes in your

life, with the human language and set with a special frequency. I believe this frequency is love. Modern science can now prove why ancient Huna Healing from Hawaii has worked for hundreds of years. When you use my products I do believe

your DNA responds to the words I loving speak over them.

They must because it does show in the Aura photos I share.

Your energy field will respond in a positive manner when applying my lovingly designed products. Like attracts like, so if I code it for love you carry love on you

and attract it into your life. The same with luck, harmony, protection, positive energy etc...

Can you do this too? Yes! I just add the extra boost of the proper flower essences to go along wit it. I will be offering more

on this Russian science and other top university studies.


These are photos of two different mushrooms taken with a heat

sensitive camera.

The one of the left is of an organic mushroom grown in fertile soil without the uses of pesticides.

The one to the right is a mushroom grown the opposite. You can see the difference in the energy field of the two.

Remember you are what you eat.

The more energy in what you eat the more energy you will have.

This is very similar to my aura photos. When you apply the energy of nature to your energy field, your energy will increase also.

The color graph shows what color spectrum musical notes are associated with.

Remember the music of the flowers. Flowers call into themselves the color that they are from the light

spectrum and that color has a frequency and a musical

note associated to it.

When you hold them to the music in your energy field

your energy will pick up their music also.

This is how the essential oils work.

It is also why music will affect your mood.

The next image is from a university study showing how the neurons in your

brain light up and change color during meditation. They will also change color according to what mood you are in or who's moods you are being affected by,

or what music you are listening to.


The following images are of the shape quartz sand makes when exposed to different sound frequencies. The importance of

this information is that the science shows that sound does shape matter.

The first image is of the AUM sound. When toned on the sand the AUM sound

forms this shape.

This shape just so happens to be the same as an ancient Sanskrit symbol called

the Sri Yantra. It is the symbol for perfect balance. AUM is the first letter in

the Sanskrit alphabet. What this science knows is that only when Hebrew or Sanskrit ( the two oldest know languages) are toned will the sound affect the

sand to bring forth an image.

The second image is of an ancient piece of art of the Sri Yantra

The third image is of water exposed to different sound frequencies. The lower the tone the more simple the shape.

The higher the tone or frequency the more complex the shape becomes.

The science is called CYMATICS and the leading scientist was Hans Jenny.

The following links will be to more information on the science of Cymatics.

Worth reading..what I found most interesting was in an experiment they record the energy frequency of a young male and

apply it to a man in his 30's and he becomes more youthful looking. The fountain of youth may very well be in the frequency

of your energy field when young that you can re-apply as you age. This relates to Quantum Jumping also..I will speak more

on that at a later date.

For now I just want you to see that for sure sound and thought do affect matter. Flowers carry a sound to them also as

shown by Dr. Long the biochemist in the earlier class. A conclusion can be made that when the essences of flowers are

applied to your energy matter a change in your energy will take place.

The link below provides wonderful images of shape taking form to sound.



Have a glass or apply a smidgen of happiness oil to make everything you do magical.

How does it work?

When you take the time to educate yourself on Dr. Emoto's water experiments with thoughts, the written word and

music you will note that the image to your left is the shape happiness makes on water.

We are 80 % water. This shape was achieved by writing the word happiness on a piece of paper, tapping it to a glass of water and then taking a water sample from it, quick freezing

it to see what shape the water molecule took.

 In theory by drinking from a glass marked happiness you will bring that frequency to your energy field. My essential oil

and cream for happiness has the same intention in it for you because I hand blend them with the intention of happiness

for you.

It is also important to note that this is why praying over your food before eating it is important and..... when people make

a toast they are putting their intention into what they are

going to drink, click glasses to share their energy with each other and drink.

But why is this so important? Well if you are into the power of thought and intention, manifesting and trying to use the information from the book The Secret, happiness is what makes the whole process work.

Without it your intentions will not materialize.


because you have to be in a raised up state in your energy body to attract what you want to you.

It makes you magnetic to your desires.

You will attract nothing that you want in a down state.

The first image is the word ugly and the second is you make me sick I want to kill you.

The third is the name Adolph Hitler. 

You will notice the beautiful snowflake images turned to a blob.

So if you are in a job you despise, in a relationship that is hurtful or associate with negative people, listen to bad news on TV or anywhere, this is what you are doing to your energy body.

Until you can change your surroundings and the people in them, meditate, tell someone you care for that you love them, play with your pet, admire a garden, drink happiness or apply some to

your energy.

This will help you to boost you to where you want to go and to become what you want to be.

Make sure these are not the last images you look at before you leave this page.

Take a moment to watch the following video from Dr. David Hamilton chemical researcher for major pharmaceutical companies on the placebo affect..In short only happy people with a positive outlook

on life have positive results with placebos. Many placebos are 98% as affective as the actual drug for positive people.

Then watch Dr. Vilayahur Ramachand, Neuro Scientist, University of California.

You will love him. In short we are all one and the only thing that keeps us from experiencing each others emotions and pain is our skin. It acts as an insulator to keep us in our own experience. Though what we

do will affect the other if we can feel it or not. There is much more and you will be glad you watched this brilliant man.

Universities, scientists and doctors studding Brain Mapping, Placebo and Positive Thought:

University of Rochester Medical Center and Stanford University,

University of California and Michigan, University of South Hampton, Ohio State, Princeton, and Yale

Dr. David Hamilton, Chemical Researcher, research and development scientist for pharmaceutical companies and expert in the science and research proving that what you focus on expands, actualized in the science of Quantum Physics and Quantum Field Theory

Dr. Vilayahur Ramachand, Neuro Scientist, University of California,


Ramachand explains the science in neuro brain mapping and how it proves scientifically that we are

all one in experience without our skin. He also developed The Mirror Box Technique to rehabilitate

those affected with phantom limbs and stroke. Ramachand utilized brain mapping reports from

University Studies across the world to develop his technique.

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A message from a customer of mine who used the Happiness oil.

Adriana 12/15/12

Hi again,

Margaret I LOVE that oil...have been using it and find it very uplifting. Strong at first, but a very soft finish.

Love, love, love it. Am taking it with me to Phoenix for the holidays to use instead of perfume.

The soaps are wonderful too! Am going to take a happiness bath tonight...

Have a great holiday!


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