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This is the information and order page for:

This is the information and order page for:

I love Etymology ( the root meaning and origin of words).

In researching it I dug so deep I actually found the root meaning for EACH letter in the alphabet.

Each letter in the alphabet comes from an ancient symbol used in the time before the alphabet and written word.

Each symbol had a whole meaning to it.

For example the M stands for the matrix that life comes through ie..the word Mother begins with M.

The F comes from the symbol to fish for or hook with.

So back in the day a symbol represented a complete thought.

So a word to us would have been a whole paragraph to the ancients.

In reality a word to us is really a whole paragraph also.

Therefore your name is not just a bunch of letters strung together to sound nice...Your name has a profound meaning, your name will guide who you become and how you will be in the world, when you are operating in your higher self.

 Your name holds the meaning of what you are called to accomplish on Earth.

Did you ever hear the saying "god will call you by name"?

I believe your mother or father hear what you are to be named as you have agreed to be called by god.

Every letter in the alphabet has a special vibration to it that actually affects your physical nature

( this can be proved through the science of Cymatics), visit the class room on this site to learn more about Cymatics.

Words for thought: be able to overcome hurt and forgive, able to transform others to do the same..the eternal one present...piercing through time and space to grow joy...for the glory of god in earnest prayer.

In Italian watch how the meaning changes....

Amore...For god...being the matrix gods love can come through...the eternal and immortal one...full of only the divine ones wisdom and care..through active desire in earnest prayer.

The word Matter is fun...matter being the stuff everything is made of:

The matrix god can manifest through..for god...covering the globe to all four corners twice, leaving it's mark for all the state of pure and earnest prayer..full of god given intelligence.

Now that you can see the truth in how the words translate..enjoy the truth and meaning of your name..and how you choose to be called by god.

 Your name imparts on you who and what you are to that you never forget, because it is before you every day in sound and the written word.

The following are examples of how names revel ones true nature and mission in life.

I will decode your name for you:

1. Your name decoded on a pretty background with ONE overall image that represents you is $8.00.

2. Your whole name decoded with words and an image to represent the meaning for each letter in your name is $23.00

3. Your name represented in ALL symbol with no words is also $23.00.

I will send you the written meaning of your name separately for no extra charge.

4. Is the same as #3 but presented as a greeting card..Birthday..

Thank you..Thinking of you

5. Is a birthday card first name only with few symbols for $8.00

The following are examples of 1 -4

I try to make the art of each name unique.

All images are sent to your email in a JPEG format.

I am taking orders by phone at this time and I do accept credit card payments over the phone.

Examples of #1 is your name for $8.00

Examples of #2 is your name for $23.00

Example #3 this is also $23.00 with the written meaning sent on a separate

piece of paper or document.

#4 Greeting Card Sample cost is $23.00..

Samples of #5 is a birthday card first name only a few symbols for $8.00


The front of the card shows the essence of your name

Each letter in your name has a symbolic meaning from ancient times

These are all of the meanings strung together

You are magnificent!

Happy Birthday!

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