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Hi, I am Margaret Gegenheimer the founder of FDE, LLC

For the past 25 years I have studied health, nutrition and the healing power of herbs and plants.

In the process I also became familiar with the science behind how sound, light, emotions and thoughts affect all creatures and plant life.

I had originally developed a wonderful natural product that will help to quickly eliminate the pain, itch and rash of poison ivy for you and my family. As I shared it with my friends the raves came back as follows:

Within seconds the topical remedy will assist the body to be free of pain or itch of:

  • poison ivy
  • bug bites
  • bee stings
  • rashes
  • MS related skin rashes that nothing else had been able to heal
  • eczema
  • psoriasis
  • acne
  • fungal infections like athletes foot
  • Poison ivy, bug bites, bee stings and eczema will completely clear in three days
  • Pimples clear up over night and bad pock acne completely clears up in 2 to 3 weeks
  • A version of this
  • Helps assist the body to restore the proper growth process to thinning and balding hair within weeks

I knew it was a great anti inflammatory so I had my family and friends try it on the following conditions:

  • Body pain related to:
  • over excretion
  • stiffness from stress
  • arthritic conditions
  • neuropathy related to diabetes and lupus
  • badly curled arthritic hands
  • sore Achilles tendon
  • pulled muscles from sports

This product has also been tried on horses with great results

The outcome is as follows:

The pain goes away within 11 seconds as a rule

People with arthritis can get 1 to 2 days of relief with one application 8 hours is the average time span for relief

Badly curled arthritic hands will loosen and open in moments while being pain free

Over exertion pain may need only one application

Neuropathy pain will go away in moments also offering hours of relief. Visit

I am looking for investors to assist me in meeting the supply and demand for this product to the public, if you are interested please contact me at 973-714-4204

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