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My Science and Research Biography

My name is Margaret M. Gegenheimer, I am a certified Holistic Health Consultant, researcher, author, teacher, forgiveness coach and alchemist.

One of my most important research objectives was to discover and obtain the perfect harmonic frequency, find a method to apply it to the human energy field in order to balance to the human energy body and bring it into alignment, thus allowing for a better state of overall wellbeing.

The following is how I got started and what I found.

When I go through my wedding photos from 1987 I can count one person who passed away for every year since that day.

25 people.

The people I know dead from cancer and the standard treatment for it are:

 My father

 My brother

 2 Uncles

 2 Aunts

 4 Cousins

 1 Father in law

 14 Friends

In 2003 my husband had Hodgkin's and my father a return of prostate cancer.

I researched every possible natural cure for them and I bought the book

"Alternative Medicine The Definitive Guide" written by a Dr. Goldberg.

I contacted every doctor in the book who wrote of great results with natural treatments and was met with a fearful tone and a complete state of denial in ever doing such treatments.

After the 30th call I broke down in tears and the doctor told me that the FDA and the American Medical Association had contacted him and all the other doctors in the book. They informed them that they would loose their license if they practiced outside the realm of standard medicine and offered their effective treatments.

Needless to say this had me very upset as I worried for the lives of my husband and my father.

I cared for my dad the last three months of his life at my home.

When a person dies a slow death from a wasting disease the grace is you watch them make the transition from this world to the next.

One special day a week before my father passed away we were sitting on the side of the bed and I asked him. " Dad when you get to the other side see if you can come back and tell me what cancer is and how to cure it."

My father looked up at the doorway to a spirit only he could see and he looked back at me and said, "Yes I can and I will." He did not yell it, he just said it.

My father's reply as promised through spirit resonated through me like the biggest promise and gift ever. I knew my father would somehow keep his word.

Three weeks after he passed away I woke up at 3 O’clock in the morning and heard as clear as day, “Go type into Google...”Patents for the cure for cancer." I went right away to my computer; thinking patents...patents… how dumb could I have been to have never searched that?

I never thought to search it because somewhere in my naive self I thought,

"Surely if there was a patented cure we would all have access to it right?”

Low and behold, I did as I was told and there it was…there has been a patented cure for cancer since 1941 from a French scientist named Antoine PRIORE , not just cancer but all disease.

It was/is an energy plasma machine and whatever he put in front of it would get well. Somehow the 16 harmonic frequencies that came off of the equipment would return the body’s cells to their last state of being well.

This lead me on a 6 year obsessive research project. The research consumed countless hours of reading, revelations and spawned a mission to bring this perfect energy body healing harmonic to people in an easy to use way.

In doing so I studied the works of Tesla, Rife, Lakhovsky and others.

This lead me to understand and work with frequencies and scalar wave technology.

I am not going to take you on the whole journey at this time but I am going to give you the highlights and the answer.

Why is because I know how sad it is to watch someone you love waste away from a terrible disease and a brutal treatment that does not work. I want the world to know the cure for all disease has been sat on and buried for many years intentionally.

At the end of the day it all boils down to sound frequencies and harmonics. Bringing people’s energy into balance and raising their overall personal voltage.

What I have been able to do is find the perfect harmonic in two different ways. The first is achieved by blending together 16 flower and tree essences from essential oils which represent every color and sound in the light and sound spectrum.

When you apply it to the center of your chest it brightens and fills your energy field and brings your energy centers into balance. This technique works in the spiritual energy realm on your spiritual energy body.

I also have a special oral tincture called "Godzymes" or "Godsend" that will do the same. Visit my sister site I explain the reasons behind these missing enzymes in many people, most whom have the MTHFR gene disorder or severe yeast overgrowth.

This is the root of most all disease. I teach you how to clean up the mess the lack of the enzymes made and how to restore your health rather quickly. The very same information helps the alcoholic to stop drinking and most who are losing their hair to regain it. Click the shield to enter or the cow to enter the Holy Cow Hair and Body Care site for hair restoration and body care.

You are able to see your energy shift right before your eyes with the assistance of my Aura Imaging Equipment while wearing the Harmonic Blend essential oil mix or Taking the "Godsend" tincture. You can see a video of that happening in real time on the website.

I developed this Harmonic Blend from 6 years of research knowing that it would work. When I was finally able to see what happens to the energy body for the first time with the Aura Imaging Equipment I cried, laughed and I was filled with joy.

A big part of what I researched was finding the mother of all notes that would bring the body into perfect alignment when resonating on the physical body.

To find this note I worked with Ray Tomes a teacher with a brilliant mind on frequencies, waves and ratios, Barbara Hero a well renowned brilliant mathematician and musician who has spent her lifetime understanding the sounds of the body and how sounds affect the body, top astrologers, astronomers, and practioners in the field of radionics, homeopathy, energy healers, accupunturists and spiritual adepts.

I also studied ancient cultures looking for clues left behind in codes, symbols, myths and esoteric teachings.

In addition I studied with Sharry Edwards the pioneer in the field of sound healing and a 2002 O. Spurgeon English Humanitarian Award winner. October 5, 2002 -- Diamond Club, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I studied to be a B.A.R.A ( bio-acoustic research analyst) of Sound Health Technologies under the tutelage of Sharry Edwards. In short this science reveals that everything on the planet is a frequency. Our voice patterns tell us what we are dealing with and what is out of balance. By toning the reciprocal frequency through the ears balance is restored to the physical body and wellness takes hold.

Through all of this knowledge my mission had come full circle; my father was able to lead me through spirit on an unbelievable educational journey that answered my question. Though my question was, “What causes cancer and how to cure it”...The answer I got was “this is what causes all illness and this is how you cure them.” Mission accomplished from this flying hero (o;!

At the end of my bio I will give a footnote on some research notes.

Additional background knowledge and experience include the following:

Before this research began I had 15 years of experience in health and nutrition through whole food supplementation and the use of herbs.

I also had 10 years of experience as a researcher to help people with rare and incurable diseases or so they were told by their doctors, to find cutting edge alternative modalities to better health which I lead them to.

This is what lead me down the path to vibrational energy medicine and eventually to the power of our thoughts, words and intentions.

Life's Essential Essences

Since I understand energy so well I made products to bring you loving people and situations, positive energy and confidence, happiness and harmonic balance.

Each one works as intended. And they are life’s essential essences.

They work on the principals in quantum science that like attracts like and what you focus on expands. You will get more of what you are or think about most.

To sell this product line to the public I used the science of the sound of the DNA. In this I came across Stuart Mitchell’s work along with other musicians and bio-chemists doing the same work with the sound of the DNA to introduce people to the music in flower essences and how they soothe or stimulate the spirit.

Some of this information can be found in my classroom on this site.

I also developed a presentation and wrote a forth coming book named

The Simple Steps to Greatness about 6 years ago.

This presentation teaches people the current science from leading universities around the world on the power of our thoughts and intentions on our physical bodies, those we interact with and the course of our destiny.

The big concept of this work is that by having dis-harmonics removed from individuals, we are leaving them with pure hearts and minds with a free spirit, to evolve into the magnificent creatures we are intended to be. This is the work…to return the true spirit of the soul to it’s self, bringing peace to Earth. Yes, a very grand idea indeed and a very doable one.

This work is much more important to your wellbeing than you may currently realize. Digital technology, wireless frequency transmission, cell phones, computer screens and more do serious harm to our energy field which can lead to physical illness.

You can counteract them with the proper knowledge and tools.

I myself have the ability to help people to clear negative energy and stress from their human energy field and call in what they do need in it’s place.

The only tools used in this process are thoughts and intentions delivered with love. Yes thoughts and intentions are also frequencies.

Forgiveness always seems to be a big part of this work. Feeling bad about yourself or others is a huge drain on your energy system.

To correct this I have found many ways to help people to release guilt, hurt and shame. So I could call myself a Forgiveness Coach and I am very good at it.

I know how to do this so well that I teach people how to do it for themselves.

With the use of highly sophisticated pieces of software and Energy Reading Equipment I can read the state of your energy body. The color (s) of your energy, what musical notes you are made of, what chakras are in or out of balance along with what disease your body may be dealing with or is about to be.

My areas of study on energy body work through mind and spirit are as follows:

Studied with Sharry Edwards at her Sound Health Institute. A researcher in identifying disease frequencies in ones voice print and returning to the person the sound that will bring their energy back into balance and well being.

      Studied with Dawna Markova a PHD. and natural intuitive.

Dawna could see and read energy as taught her by her gifted Russian grandmother. When I learned how to heal through energy, color, sound and words with her she had already been clear of incurable breast cancer for over 20 years. That was 25 years ago. Dawna taught every healing modality that brought her wellness. Ki I Kido, Hawaiian Huna Healing, body work, energy work, health and nutrition, herbs, essential oils and much more.

The author of 9 books.

  Studied with Caroline Myss a Medical Intuitive, gifted author and speaker. Authoring over 20 books. Each book teaching many in-depth modalities of healing spirit and body.

Studied with Ilana Rubenfeld: Legendary healer of touch. Learning the art of The Listening Hand-Self Healing Through the Rubenfeld Synergy Method of Talk and Touch.

Studied energy healing with a registered intuitive Pamela Ericson.

Pamela can see energy, events through time and connects with passed energy through strong empathy. She is a registered nurse and detective. Since she can readily see energy she knows how to properly remove old energy and help one to bring in the new.      

Self taught with Louise Hays

I have read and assimilated a great deal of the work from the majority of contemporary spiritual workers, authors, motivational speakers, doctors of energy medicine and vibrational healing over the past 25 years.

 I do believe in a Divine God of Goodness .

All the work I do is done on a research basis. I do not diagnose or offer any suggestion of treatment though I may tell you whom may be helpful for you to research.

I used all of the fore mentioned knowledge to find the perfect harmonic note that restores all balance to the human energy field.

Within the next year I plan to be working with other researchers using a scientific format to prove my results on a larger scale.

I am not a doctor. I am a researcher.

I cannot say I can cure anything and I do not know what the Harmonic Blend oil, pendant or frequency can do for you on your physical body YET…but I plan on being able to one day.

I can only tell you what I do know. What I know for sure is what it will do to your spiritual energy body.

Many say they notice a profound difference when applying Energy Alchemy to areas of their densely manifested energy (aka your physical body).

I can make no claims. This is something you have to try for yourself. As long as

the area is not broken or infected you should notice great relief in your energy body very quickly.

Visit the product page to order yours or call now 973-714-4204

I also sell this as Comfort Cream available on the Holy Cow Hair and Body Care site.

ALL DISHARMONICS WILL DISOLVE IN THE PERFECT HARMONIC...dis-ease is a disharmonic frequency.

Part II of Obtaining Harmonic Balance

The perfect harmonic is obtained with the right balance of thoughts..intentions...foods...(this is all part of the work I do as your holistic heath consultant) and the proper balance of color in your life...we hold the same colors in our energy body that exist in a flame or the rainbow.

The colors in the rainbow are with us all the time.

They exist in a very high energy frequency - light wave form, most of us cannot see because our eyes are not made to see them all the time.

Though they do take root and exist in all the herbs, flowers and trees on the planet. Every aspect of God’s personal energy can be found on Earth.

This is why I call my business Feeling Divine Enterprises.

I teach people where to find God’s energy in nature and in their consciousness in a way that is helpful to them.

The energy body can become depleted by a lack of the proper colors from the food kingdom where you eat and the thought kingdom where you live in your mind.

Every plant and thought has a vibration to it. That vibration is a frequency that translates into a color and a sound.

Eating from all the different colors in the plant kingdom will help to keep your energy balanced. To have complete balance you must also choose all the proper thoughts to live by in the thought kingdom to keep the energy in your mind balanced.

Since our creator is the perfect harmonic all disharmonics will disolve within our creators love. This is why prayer is so important. 

You send your concerns to God..God will remove from them what is not perfect for you and return to you the perfect energy to complete you.

It is an energy transfer that will bring you into wholeness and harmony with the perfect harmonic.

The easy way to understand harmonics is as follows:

1. If you take two old pendulum clocks and place them side by side, one going tic toc and the other toc tic in opposite directions, after an hour they will both be swinging Tic Toc! Why… You ask?

Because the frequency that holds the strongest harmonic will pull the disharmonic into it and dissipate it. How cool is that!

Here are a two more examples:

2. When you are at the ocean watch the waves…the little disharmonic waves flowing on a cross current will get caught up in the strong straight wave coming to shore and crash to the sand with it.

3. If you take a group of women working in an office together and they all get their period on a different day, at the end of a few months they will all get their period on the same day because they will all fall in sync with the woman with the most harmonious cycle. This is freaky right, but very cool.

So how does this help you? I can show you.

I will teach you how to get in rhythm with the perfect harmonic.

Dis-ease within your energy body will dissipate into the perfect harmonic, leaving you balanced and whole.

Footnotes of areas studied are below.

Georges Lakhovsky, Russian Engineer, 1920, Paris, Texas State University, 1941

Professor Otto Rahn, Cornell University, 1964  

  • Dr. Albert Adams, Professor of Pathology, Stamford University Medical School
  • Curtis P. Upton, a Princeton Trained Civil Engineer, 1951
  • Howard Armstrong, Industrial Chemist, Princeton Trained
  • B.A. Rockwell, Director of Research for the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau
  • Dr. Edward Purcell, co-winner with Dr. Felix Bloch, 1952 Noble Prize Winners in Physics
  • George De La Warr, Civil Engineer, 1956
  • Dr. Robert N. Miller, Industrial Research Scientist, Professor of Chemical Engineering Georgia Tech,
  • Professor William A.Tiller, Academy of Parapsychology and Medicine, Chairman of The Department of Material Science at Stanford University
  • And many more...

Universities, scientists and doctors studying Brain Mapping, Placebo and Positive Thought:

University of Rochester Medical Center and Stanford University, University of California and Michigan, University of South Hampton, Ohio State, Alberta, Princeton, and Yale

Dr. David Hamilton, Chemical Researcher, research and development scientist for pharmaceutical companies. Expert in the science and research which proved that what you focus on expands, actualized in The Science of Quantum Physics and Quantum Field Theory

Dr. Vilayahur Ramachand, Neuro Scientist, University of California, 2010

Ramachand explains the science of neuro brain mapping and how it proves scientifically that we are all one in experience without our skin. He also developed The Mirror Box Technique to rehabilitate those affected with phantom limbs and stroke. Ramachand utilized brain mapping reports from University Studies across the world to develop his technique.

N.A.S.A - the sounds in space from Neptune and Saturn

N.A.S.A - in cooperation with the Museum of Natural History and The Planetarium Show from Earth into the Cosmos and Home

Hans Jenny, Scientist in Cymantics - the affect of sound on matter, seen in photo and video.

Sharry Edwards, M.Ed., Founder of Research Work in Bio-Acoustics, has been published in more than 25 books and numerous scholarly journals on Assisted Healing with Sound. The recipient of the 2001 International Association of New Sciences Award - Scientist of the Year, acknowledged Acoustics and Sound Health with their top honor.

Dr. Linda Long, English biologist presents floral protein frequencies turned into The Music of the Flowers. Students will hear the musical sound of the human DNA and the periododic table.

Fabian Maman, presents how sound affects cells in the body with fascinating and brilliant colored photographs.


Renowned mathematician and scientist,

(c.- 582 BC - c. 496 BC).

We are Made of Energy

Kirlian Photography

The power of thought and the words we speak affecting the structure of water.

 Dr. Masaru Emoto, The Hidden Messages in Water, Atria Books, 2001The Mind and Nervous Systems of Plants information obtained from:

The Secret Life of Plants, Tompkins and Bird, Harper Perennial, 1976

Ivan Isidorovich Gunar, Proffesor at the Renowned Timiryazev Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Moscow, 1959 -1972

State University Alma Ata in Capital of the Soviet Kazakh Republic.

  • Dr. Bose (Bose Speakers and radios, recorders) 1895 -1900 – Cambridge University 1901, Oxford University 1902, 1914
  • Charles Robert Darwin, 1859 Origin of Species.
               Plants, have nervous systems.
  • Luther Burbank
  • George Washington Carver

Radionocs, Music and Frequency to Propel Growth in Plants.

Canada’s Department of Agriculture, 1960

Canada University of Ottawa, 1960

US Department of Agriculture, 1968

North Carolina State University, Professors, L.H. Royster, of the Department of Mechanical and Aero Space Engineering, and B.H. Huang, of the Department of Biological Engineering, 1970

Celebrities referenced that use the power of positive thinking:

Will Smith


Wayne Gretzky

Jim Carey

Some of the Experts referenced in preparing

The Simple Steps to Greatness Journal to reinforce positive visualization, positive thought, positive behavior, and written goals

Tony Robbins

Deepak Chopra

Wayne Dwyer

Dale Carnegie

Jack Canfield

Dr. Phil Mc Graw

Dr. Norman Vincent Peal

James Redfield

Napoleon Hill

Margaret O'Neill Gegenheimer

Founder FDE, LLC

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